Web development platform Wix have used a viral video ad as a central part of a huge campaign launched to capitalise on the huge TV audiences for the Super Bowl.  Is there anything they could have done better with this video ad?

Yes, it was Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, and what an amazing game it was.  But for those of us Gridiron fans who are also really in to video marketing (yes, there are some of us!) it was even more fun.  That’s because the big game routinely gets TV audiences of over 100 million in the US, making it the biggest night of the year for advertisers.

Huge brands like https://cheapviagrago.com/ Snickers, Coca Cola and Budweiser pay an average of $160,000 per second of air time, and many companies release their Super Bowl ads on YouTube in the run up to the game, to get a bit of advance publicity and build up some views.

This year, the winner of the pre-game ad game was Wix.  According to Visible Measures, Wix’s ad was seen over 22 million times online before Sunday afternoon.

What did they do right?

Just about everything. The ad itself, of course, is fun, features a couple of attractive and very bankable stars, and features the product in a clever way. But that’s just the start of it.  They’ve changed all the graphics across their social media platforms to showcase the campaign.  They encouraged people to change their Facebook profile pictures to ones of Felix (the chef in the ad) in in return they gave away $10,000 every weekday for two weeks before the Super Bowl and $50,000 on game day.

They created multiple lengths of ad – the 1 minute version above, a 30 second TV version and an extended ‘directors cut’ as well as a second video that picks up right where the other one left off (and is just as entertaining).  They uploaded all these to Facebook and YouTube, and absolutely nailed the tags and descriptions, giving potential viewers every possible chance to discover the videos and to find out more about Wix afterwards.  Finally, they have continued to engage with people commenting on YouTube and Facebook, both providing great customer service when people mention problems with the service and being generally friendly and chatty with people who want to talk about the ad.

What did they do wrong?

I’m genuinely struggling here.  This was an awesomely planned and executed campaign.  The only thing they could have done better was to make the TV ad 1 second shorter and save themselves $160,000.

This section is really all about learning from others’ mistakes to help our own marketing, so how about just this once, we learn from others’ success instead.  Think about how you can use video not just as one of your marketing tools, but as an integral part of a wider marketing campaign.  By maintaining a consistent look and message across all media, you can enhance each individual platform.


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