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Conferences come in many shapes and sizes and with a variety of names. But one thing that links them all together is communication. At Green Spark the most important thing for us in creating a successful conference for you, is to understand what you want to communicate and why. We are often approached by customers asking us to provide them with a screen, or a stage for their conference. Yes we do screens, yes we do stages, but let’s first understand what you want to communicate and why, maybe a screen and a stage aren’t the best way to engage your audience?

Once we understand what you want to get out of your conference and who your audience are we can work with you to develop the best way to tell your story.

A greater return on investment

There is something else that links all conferences and that is investment and lots of it! It isn’t always immediately obvious, but all conferences require a massive amount of investment. Sometimes this is financial investment in hiring a venue, paying a keynote speaker, audio visual costs and feeding people…the list goes on! But also remember the time it takes to arrange these things or the time taken by delegates attending a conference. No matter which way you look at it a massive investment goes into even the smallest conference. Having made that investment it is important that you get a good return on it.

Something for every budget

Green Spark work with a variety of clients with a variety of budgets. No matter what the budget, our key focus is what you are trying to achieve through your conference. Green Spark will tailor your conference to work within your budget. Our prices are transparent too, once we have agreed a price, that is what you will pay unless we have agreed it in writing with you before hand.

It’s about more than the just the conference day

We all know what happens the day after you attend an event. You’ve probably taken a good chunk of time out of the office to attend and oddly enough no-one has been doing your job for you while you were away. Your inbox is full and there are numerous things that demand your time. It doesn’t matter how good the experience was, inevitably some of the impact gets lost after you leave the event.

It is rare that the aims of the event are achieved while guests are in attendance. In most cases it is about sharing knowledge or creating a change of behaviour that need time to be developed and the events is only the starting point.


More Impact

Increase the impact of your event by using the Green Spark methodology for audience engagement

Conference in a bottle

Being able to ‘bottle’ all that is great about an experience and share it with delegates and a wider audience in the months that follow is a great way of increasing the impact and achieving the overall objectives.

Bringing people together creates a fantastic opportunity to capture the essence of the organisation, aims or cause and video is a great way of giving it longevity.

Interviews with special guests, senior management provides and sponsors fantastic material to create a series of short video clips that can be used post event.

A ‘little and often’ is the key to success. Short, focussed programmes that are distributed at regular intervals in the weeks and months after the event ensure the message doesn’t get forgotten. They are also very useful for raising the profile of future events.

Distributing the media to guests, on social media channels and the organisation’s website greatly increases the overall impact of the event.

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