Nursery World Awards 2019

The Nursery World Awards is open to everyone involved in early years education and childcare. The awards are a chance for professionals to be recognised and rewarded for their hard work and success over the past year.

Project delivery

Event design

Audio visual production

Event stage production

Production management


The Brewery, London



A black tie event for 400 guests that rewarded, recognised and celebrated the successes of the past year. 

The Nursery World Awards are open to everyone involved in early years education and childcare, the awards shine a light on best practice and help to raise the profile of the sector. Through all the challenges that face them, dedicated professionals continue to improve their skills and qualifications and do a fantastic job for young children – this is their chance to be recognised and celebrated.

Thanks so much for all yours and your teams’ hard work on Saturday, it was truly appreciated and everything ran so smoothly which was noticed by senior management as well.

Shakira Brown

Event Manager, Mark Allen Group

Having worked at The Brewery before we know It is very important to fill the width of the room to ensure the stage isn’t lost in a sea of tables due to the backdrop of the venue. Our design created a focal point and added impact whilst creating additional raised lighting positions for moving lights on either side of the stage.

We felt that projection wouldn’t make the impact the client was looking for at this event. There wasn’t enough height to offer a big enough screen and there wasn’t enough space to rear project. Instead, we used a digital LED wall measuring 6m x 2.5m to create a dynamic backdrop to the stage.

We provided an 11m x 3m central stage with accessible steps on both the front and side edges of the stage. The stage was carpeted in dark grey to give it some contrast and depth.

Either side of the LED wall were hard masking flats with LED pixel strips down one edge of the flats which outlines the stage and is very useful for adding extra effects during award stings. The lighting ladders either side of the stage give us a discreet, raised platform for our moving light that doesn’t require overhead rigging. To finish we provided a fully branded custom lectern for the event. 

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