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Live streaming

Reaches the parts other events can’t

Webinars and social media

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Live event webcasting

Live streaming reaches the parts other events can’t

Advances in technology and cultural habitats now make online events far more achievable and effective. Whether it is a regular series of live broadcast events or a one off, Green Spark can offer design, advice and technical support to make it work for you.
Internet access is so widespread that the size of your audience with a webcast, webinar or live streaming event is limited only by your ability to advertise your event. With Green Spark cameras already in place to make your streaming work, it is very cost effective to transform your live event into a video on demand that can be hosted on your website, Youtube channel, Vimeo or any other video hosting site. Green Sparks media team can use these video platforms to host a series of teaser videos or trailers, helping to advertise your event, creating excitement and interest in your upcoming stream.

Webcasting…when it’s not practical to get everyone together

There is an old saying that people buy people. This is definitely true, ask any salesperson, and they will tell you how important that face to face contact is. Human interaction is a complex matter but communication is more than just words, it is body language, facial expressions and so much more. At the same time, face to face meetings have several limitations. They take up more than just the time of the meeting, it needs time to travel, maybe a place to stay and all the costs that come with this. The audience size is limited by the size of the venue that you choose and live events also need people to be available, they are a one off moments that don’t make allowances for life and all of it complexities. Complexities like illness, holidays or traffic. If you are a company with multiple officers across the country, continent or globe, it simply isn’t practical to get everyone together in one place.

Webcasting, bringing people together

Live streaming isn’t just for conferences it is a perfect solution for any event where you need to get people from far and wide together. Some examples include; sports events, music concerts, charity auctions, weddings or even funerals. Graduation ceremonies are a brilliant example. Every parent would love to share in the celebration of their child’s graduation. As international studies increase, more and more often parents are living in different countries from where their children are studying. If you work with Green Spark to stream the event, then no parent need miss that special moment. Maybe you have a specific knowledge or skill that you could share through live streaming broadcasts, this format of videos has become increasingly popular as the internet becomes an invaluable research device.

Imagine a global audience

Internet access is so widespread that the size of your audience with a webcast, webinar or live streaming event is limited only by your imagination

Webinars and social media, a match made in heaven (or at least on a cloud)

When your live streaming is combined with other social media platforms or Q&A modules your stream becomes more than just watching a vlog on the internet, it becomes a fully interactive event.

Any interactive event will have a much greater impact on your audience, giving you much better outcomes from your event.

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