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Audience engagement

The evidence is clear about how different people learn in different ways. But one thing we all share is the ability to lose concentration when we lose interest in what is happening around us. Think of all those times you have been sat at an event thinking about what shopping you need to get on your way home, or wondering where that thingamajig is!!! No matter how hard we try to concentrate on what is going on, if we aren’t kept interested or entertained our mind just wanders.

Given the time and money invested in your event wouldn’t this be a real waste?!!.

“Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.”

Dorothy Sarnoff

Audience participation….singing not (necessarily) required!

Great Event Design, AV Production and Presentation Training can help your presenters keep the audiences engaged and the Green Spark team are there to help with all of this.

A great addition to keep your audience focussed is to get them to participate in the presentation. This can be as simple as regular Q&A sessions or workshops but Interactive Voting can empower your audience’s voices’ throughout your event.

The results of audience interaction

Audience members have individual wireless key pads which allow them to respond to questions in real time. With these questions you can gather your audience’s opinions and confirm their understanding on key learning points. Although your presentation may be light hearted and fun, the system gets serious when it comes to detailed feedback and reporting. Results are instantly available to view on the screen as graphs and charts.  You can even compare the results to live questions during the session which, by asking the same question before and after a presentation, is an excellent way of evaluating the impact of the session. You can view, print, and export reports to Excel, detailing exactly how each person answered every question. The information available provides key insights into the audience’s thinking and provides useful information for planning strategy and measuring return on investment.

“…empower the audience to take part in the content, not consume. If the past decade was about consuming or sharing, the next decade is going to be about participating in content.”

Ben Rubin

Founder of Meerkat

Versatile voting

Interactive voting makes a great addition to almost any event and can be used in so many different ways. Don’t just think this is for conferences and training. It is a great way to carry out market research.
If you think that interactive voting may help transform your event then get in touch, we are looking forward to discussing your event and helping to make it amazing.

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