Elevate 2018

An event to bring the offices from across the country together to celebrate the achievements of the last year.

Project delivery

Event design

Audio visual production

Event stage production

Production management


Saturday 1st September 2018

East Midlands Conference Centre


An upbeat rally that entertained and inspired guests, whilst rewarding the achievement from the past year and raised staff morale ready for the next.

BriteVox UK are a force in face-to-face marketing. Their focus on data allows them to uncover factors that create long-term customers and donors, identify correlations that boost opportunities, and adjust their processes to realise the measurable outcomes brands desire. 

We faced a challenge when designing the 2018 elevate event, a very wide venue with very little depth between the back wall of the venue and the audience. This limits the choices available to us and requires two key elements when producing a large scale event in a tight space. The first requirement is to fill the space, a wide stage set provides the wow factor to the audience and stops the stage from feeling lost in the middle of a room. The second is a centre feature to draw the audience’s attention back to the centre of the stage and provide focus and context during presentations. Both of these things mixed together provide a high impact sophisticated design that creates atmosphere and sets the scene for a great event.

To add to the impact we outlined the edges of the stage using LED pixel strips which gave the set added depth which made up for the lack of depth the venue offered.


To top it all off we rigged a 6m x 2m LED Wall above the main stage as our centre feature to focus the audience’s attention. With the added camera to screen relay, we made sure the whole audience had a great view of the awards. The results, a fast-paced, high energy awards ceremony for an audience of 400 high energy salesman.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for all the work you did on Elevate. It was fabulous.

Michael Scully

Managing Director, BriteVox

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