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How Ryan Reynolds beat Peloton at video marketing

The ad that started it all It's the time of year for ads about people giving each other gifts, and high-end exercise bike company Peloton released their Christmas ad on November 21st: It lived quietly and happily on the internet for about ten days without making much...

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Top tips for choosing table centre decorations

We’ve already covered booking entertainment for your awards so we thought it was high time we discussed another stressful topic when planning your dinner event...table centres! After all, a well thought out table centre can make a big difference to the overall look...

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7 TIPS and TRIPS of an awards ceremony

Over the years we’ve helped stage hundreds, if not thousands, of award ceremonies. Along the way we’ve tried all sorts of things and learnt quite a bit about what works, what doesn’t and how to deal with some of the inherent problems of creating a fantastic event that...

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33 reasons your business should be podcasting

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of including podcasting in their content marketing. If you've been thinking about it but can't decide whether it's right for your business, here's the definitive list of reasons to dive in. 1. Be the expert...

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