The creative cats

We are the creative team, the clever machine behind unique and engaging experiences. We design, run and produce all kinds of events and media, big and small, in all kinds of settings. If you’re looking for a bunch of unique creative thinkers and experienced professionals; if you would like help to deliver an experience that is different to any other; Green Spark are here to get busy as part of your team.

Our carefully hand picked team consists of theatre professionals, creative designers, event managers, PR gurus, prodigy programmers and media magicians. We compliment each other, to make a big pot of something wonderful you won’t forget in a hurry.

Developed over 20 years in business and based on a dedicated team of technical and experienced industry professionals, Green Spark has established a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Making the grade is a guarantee; it is how Green Spark goes beyond that makes us different. 

Start with the ending

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin…

…by understanding your objectives!

We start by understanding what you want to achieve.

Whatever message you are trying to get out, there is always a story to tell. We handcraft a solution for you, successfully realising your objectives by bringing oodles of experience and tonnes of talent.

In a nut shell…Green Spark deliver your message with clarity, creativity and impact, communicating through magical media, live face to face events and interactive experiences.

The science of communication

We know the science of communication sounds a bit geeky, but we make it ART!

Clever scientists have proved that when your message is delivered using more than one of your audiences senses it has more impact and is more likely to be remembered for longer. This isn’t really rocket science, but we think doing it brilliantly is a rare talent. We use this knowledge in all that we do to make sure you get the best return on the money and effort you have put in.

Science is cool, but mix it with art, and you can move people to feel even more. We like to capture what makes something endearing and enduring and evokes an emotional response. It is often these moments that are burnt into our memories.

It's more than a moment

There’s more to it than just delivering on the day. When you have worked so hard to nurture your message to create a magical moment we think your message deserves more..

The objective of most messages is to change thinking or behaviour and we all know how long this can take. This is rarely achieved in a flash, no matter how big!. Have you ever noticed how excited people can be after watching a video or an event, but once the rest of the world rushes back in that magic fades very quickly.

Our work can extend your message over time; delivering impact before, during & after the main event to create that all important memory, heart and legacy.

Peace of mind

Creativity is vital and we thrive in a creative world, we also appreciate that event and media projects represent a serious business investment for our clients.

As a company certificated to the standard of ISO 9001:2008 (serious stuff!), Green Spark use workflow and management tools to assist our creative in-house and wider virtual teams. To ensure that customers will always receive a consistent approach to all their events, any one of our Account Managers will be able to deal with your enquiries.

Key contacts

Adam Clark

Adam Clark

Managing Director

Ben Annas

Ben Annas

Production Manager

Jim Cliff

Jim Cliff

Video Producer

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