EADT Business Awards

A glittering evening for 300 guests to celebrate Suffolk’s business success and engage East Anglian Daily Times stakeholders.  

Project delivery

Event Design

Audio Visual Production

Video Production

Production Management


The Hangar
Milsoms Kesgrave Hall
Ipswich, Suffolk

Trinity Park Events Centre
Ipswich, Suffolk


The East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards is the most prestigious business event in the Suffolk calendar having gained an outstanding reputation over 16 years. The awards enhanced that reputation by modernising and enhancing the brand. Guests reacted positively to the stage set and production, and the evening enhanced the reputation of the Awards whilst reinforcing the standing of the EADT and Archant as the key business voice within the region.

“The Green Spark team were fantastic. I was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and support they gave us, it felt like they were part of our extended team.”

Debbie Austin

Events & External Brand, Archant East

The East Anglian Daily Times (EADT) Business Awards are organized annually by Archant Limited, a media business owning a portfolio of regional newspapers and magazines. The Suffolk based event provides an opportunity for Archant to bring 300 members of the business community together for a night of celebration and recognition for what they are achieving, ranging from small start-up businesses to those that dominate their marketplace.

The objectives were to reaffirm the EADT as the voice of business matters and being at the centre of business news across the region. The opportunity was to be used to build the awards brand in the eyes of the wider community and place Archant as the obvious messenger for the business community. As well as strengthening relationships with Archant clients, the Awards had to deliver a value added return to sponsors.

Trinity Park is a wide multi-purpose venue, which necessitates a focus in order to create character. The stage set was designed as a very wide multi-screen canvas to deliver the brand. The design used, drew inspiration from familiar business graphics used in the boardroom to create a series of scenic shapes from intertwining lines and curves. This produced a strong business feel, coupled with a reminder of the sea and waves so important to Suffolk’s coastline.

The EADT Business Awards opened with a short piece of video animation which linked seamlessly into the welcoming of the host. As the evening progressed, each award was introduced by a clean and fresh piece of video which combined graphic design, photographic images of the nominees and a female voice over. The production created an evening of class, elegance and overall professionalism whilst mixing celebration with business.

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