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Whether it’s staff training, messages from the CEO, induction and onboarding, or communicating company changes, video has become an indispensable tool for many businesses, with 69% of internal communication professionals already using video, and 41% planning to increase its usage¹.

Some businesses may be small enough to have regular in person meetings. However, where workers are located in multiple offices, regions, or even time zones, or in situations where multiple members of staff are working from home, video is highly effective in keeping employees connected.

While traditional pre-recorded footage is excellent for certain purposes, in many cases live stream video can dramatically improve the effectiveness of internal communication by allowing for a greater sense of engagement and interactivity.

Why is live video better than a pre-recorded video for internal communication?

Research has shown that live video improves communication with remote employees, increases alignment with company goals, and makes employees feel more engaged with senior staff members²The unique nature of live streamed video allows presenters to respond to questions from the viewers in real time making it an authentic and very useful method of communication.

Viewers can respond to and interact with the broadcast by using a chat module or by engaging in real time polls. This allows the broadcasters to react to viewers’ feedback, adapt, and incorporate responses into the live content. The exact options available to you are in some ways determined by the platform you are streaming on but there is always some ability for user feedback.

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Options for your live streaming setup

For a simple message from the CEO, you might think about using a webcam and a video conferencing platform such as Zoom.  However, if you are looking for a higher quality stream; a more professional presentation; multiple presenters; incorporating slides; or streaming a meeting or a presentation in a larger room, there’s a lot more to think about.

By providing multiple cameras and microphones, live mixing between sources, streaming hardware encoders, and expert staff to make it all work, Green Spark can ensure your corporate live streams look and sound great and get to their destination without a hitch, whether that’s Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, Mixer, or your own extranet/intranet site.

Before going live, our team will help you set up the stream and advise on how the filming will work, and how the presenters can best communicate with the remote audience. 

On the day, the team will arrive at your premises and set up a mini-studio. We will talk to your presenters and walk them through the process making sure they are comfortable with the broadcast. During the broadcast one of our technicians will operate the cameras and the other will monitor the stream and switch between cameras and live graphics. 

Once the live stream is finished you can choose to keep the video available as an on-demand stream. Our team will pack away the mini-studio and can even leave you with a local copy of the video files. 

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