One of the most viewed video ads of the past week is actually a few weeks old now. It’s from video marketing experts Apple, who are introducing their new iPhone 7. What aspects of video marketing did Apple nail with this ad, and how could they have done even better?


First of all, let me say that Apple are no slouches when it comes to video marketing. They know their market, and I’m sure they’ve laser-targeted this ad to all the fans waiting for a first glimpse of their latest shiny thing. But if you’re introducing a new product with a video you may need to approach it slightly differently.

What did they do right?

Throughout the ad, Apple regularly point out the benefits of owning this particular product. Among the elements mentioned are:

  • brighter, more detailed images
  • even better images in low light
  • brightest display ever on an iPhone
  • a powerful, immersive audio experience
  • water resistant
  • the longest battery life of any iPhone

If you’re selling a product, you should absolutely focus on the benefits. How will it make the customer’s life better to own one?

What did they do wrong?

With Apple’s tech-savvy customer base, they also included a lot of items that were not benefits, but ‘features’.  While this may work for Apple, it’s unlikely to work for you unless your customers are very techy.

Among the elements listed in this category were:

  • f1.8 aperture, six element lens
  • Image signal processor
  • Quad LED True Tone flash
  • A10 Fusion Chip
  • High performance, high efficiency cores

These are all things you get with the iPhone, but only fanboys are going to know why they want them, or care.

If you tell your viewers your drill goes up to 7500 RPM, nobody will care.  If

you tell them that it cuts through aluminium like a hot knife through butter, they’ll see the benefit.

Finally, Apple have turned off the comments on this video on YouTube.  This is most likely because there are many people who are determined to hate whatever Apple comes out with, no matter how good it is.  Watch out for a video blog from me this week on why they, and you, should let the comments flow!


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