There’s a kind of video that is great for social media, positions you as an expert in your field and is really easy to produce so you can create several of them in a single day.

If you’d like to find out what it is, stick around.

*Video Transcript*

Hi I’m Jim from green spark, if you wrote a single blog post and then stopped writing your blog altogether you wouldn’t really get all of the benefits that you get from having a blog. It’s the same with video if you make one video and put it on your website that’s great but it’s not as good as having regular video content. The best way to have regular video content is to make a videos a bit like this one.

I call them quick tips videos and it’s just a way of getting your knowledge, your expertise out there to provide value to your potential customers or customers and position yourself as an expert in your field and let people know that you really know what your talking about.

It’s a great way to produce lots of videos in one short period of time, because if you plan it out you can make probably ten or fifteen of this videos in half a day. And then you can have that content to put out onto your social media feeds to upload to YouTube on a regular basis and to give people a reason to keep coming back to your blog and engaging with your brand.

Thanks very much for watching I’ll see you next time.

We make one of these videos every Wednesday so if you would like to make sure you don’t miss out follow us on twitter or subscribe yo our YouTube. If you’d like to find out anything more about video marketing or video production then just leave a message in the comments and who knows maybe we will make a video about it.


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