We’ve already covered booking entertainment for your awards so we thought it was high time we discussed another stressful topic when planning your dinner event…table centres! After all, a well thought out table centre can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your event so in this blog, we are going to run through a few things to think about when organising your table decorations.

Set a budget and stick to it

Set your budget, with so many choices around it is easy to get carried away with large or complicated displays which are costly. Knowing how many tables your event needs is a great starting point and helps you work out a feasible cost per table, it’s all about getting the best bang for your buck!

Allow sufficient time to set up

Give plenty of time to set up your tables and centrepieces. In practice, it may only take a few minutes to put one table centre together, but when you have 40 tables that’s many hours of work! It’s safe to say the more manpower you have the quicker it will go, but there is a cost to go with it. If your event involves a quick turn-around from a day setup to the dinner setup, check that you have enough staff to comfortably do it in the available time. Most companies offer delivery and set up as a service when you hire some table centres, again remember to factor in that extra cost (nobody likes surprises!)

Bigger isn’t always better…

It’s easy to get carried away when searching for a table centre, there are thousands of different options available and most companies have a gallery with all they have to offer but you need to be careful. The overall height of a table centre will have a massive impact on your event, it’s an easy trap to fall into but keep in mind everyone is attending your event to see what’s happening on stage. If you plonk an incredibly beautiful 4ft miniature tree in the middle of every table, by the time you get a few rows into the audience it will be very hard to see the stage which undermines everything you’ve worked for!

Factor in transportation

It’s an easy equation really, “number of tables x the size of the table centre = a lot of transport!”

This is why some companies have to charge large delivery fees because the vast majority of table centre designs don’t fold flat meaning they take up a lot of space. It’s also worth noting that if you spend hours and hours finding the perfect table centre just to arrive onsite at your event with half of them smashed to pieces, your going to be pretty upset! Ensuring they are safe for transportation can be costly and time-consuming but is unfortunately essential!

Who doesn’t love a theme?!

This is an obvious, yet important topic. If your event has a theme you will want to ensure your table centres match with the whole of the room and feel of the occasion. It’s always useful to do a bit of research on the theme to see what could be used as a centerpiece on every table. For example, if you plan to on hosting a 1920’s art-deco styled ball, you’d want to go for an over-the-top, tall, white floral centrepiece or a black and gold trimmed table lamp. Both of these would look incredible and would ultimately help set the scene!

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