It can be difficult to choose the perfect entertainment for your event. You could have the most prestigious venue in the heart of a big city packed with hundreds or even thousands of important guests, the best food you’ve ever tasted and the greatest event production that money can buy, but if you pick the wrong entertainment none of that will matter.

Events can sink or swim off the back of the entertainment and there are so many options it’s difficult to know where to start which is why we have this 7 point list to help you make your event entertaining


1 – Entertainment should be immersive

A recent study showed that 72% of millennials would rather buy experiences and share them with others via social media than save for a house or car. The difficult part of an event is to keep the hype alive, by creating immersive entertainment you are adding value to the attendees’ experience and encouraging them to capture that experience and share it on social media to keep your event buzz alive well past the day itself.

2 – Know your audience

 The demographic for your event is vital when thinking about entertainment.

The best example that springs to mind is a client I had a few years ago they arranged a DJ and a dance floor for a group of building contractors. Throughout the entire night, not one single person went onto the dance floor other than to ask the DJ to turn the music down to allow them to talk to each other, yet the queue for the bar was three deep for the entire night. A better use of budget and resources would have been to have some sort of interactive entertainment, to engage guests based upon the demographics of the attendees and allow them to network and bond.  

Try to tailor your entertainment to your audience and situation to get the best bang for your buck.

3 – Create a plan and stick to your goals!

When you start putting times to activities at your event it’s amazing how little time you actually have. Some entertainment would be amazing to have but you simply won’t have time to fit everything in! A great example of this is award dinners.

Most award dinners follow this schedule:

18:30 – Drinks reception

19:15 – Call for dinner

19:30 – Welcome Speech

19:40 – Dinner is served

21:30 – Awards Start

23:00 – Awards Finish

00:00 – Carriages

That’s already a very packed schedule with little time for anything in between so where do you fit entertainment into the mix? The answer isn’t always black and white but there are a few tricks to get the most out cheap propecia finasteride of your evening without changing the schedule.

  • Live background music. An acoustic duo to play background music during dinner goes down a treat. It’s something different, a bit of fun that people can enjoy and it’s so much more interesting than a music playlist.
  • Table entertainment like a magician. If people are going to be sat down for a while table entertainment can be a great ice breaker and something special to give your guests a buzz.
  • End with a bang. Just because the awards are over doesn’t mean the night is finished. The bar is open and the night is young so why send your guests to bed? Carry on the evening’s festivities with something that fits your event. It could be live music, a DJ, a favourite cheesy playlist, a photo booth. It’s the icing on the cake at the end of a great night.

4 – Stick to your budget

It’s no surprise that your entertainment will be limited to your budget, it’s great to dream but it’s also easy to get carried away and set your sights on something way out of your price range. There are often additional costs incurred with entertainment; A band needs a sound system to be heard and lighting to be seen. An aerial artist needs overhead rigging and a range of complex safety systems in place. Often these acts will bring their own equipment and expertise but it’s important to remember to check what’s included before booking your entertainment, check with your venue or production company to avoid surprises to your budget

5 – Know your venue

Venues have rules! Normally you can’t see any reason for the rules but they do have rules. It’s always worth checking with your venue manager before booking entertainment. A great example is live music, some venues are not allowed music after 23:00 pm. Make sure you get your venue on board before signing anything (AND GET IT IN WRITING!).

6 – Choose your presenter

The wrong presenter can make a well thought out award ceremony boring! If they are unable to connect with your audience it doesn’t matter how much planning went into the event it is fair to say that the event lives and dies with your presenter so it is important to make the right choice! There are lots of options but the key thing is to get someone that people can relate to and connect with. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity (Although celebs normally go down a hit!) it could be a company manager or a special guest affiliated with your event but the key thing is they need to be confident, approachable and most importantly, entertaining.

7 – Now you have the basics, here are some great entertainment options for your guests

Guest speaker
They are expensive but as the presenter is the heart and sole of your event and keeps it moving forward sometimes they can be well worth the money. Most guest presenters will do a 10/15 minute bit for the audience which always goes down a storm.

Live music
This isn’t anything new but live music is a tried and tested source of event entertainment that always builds hype. If it’s not broken, why change it? There are lots of options out there that won’t break the budget.

It’s not our favourite solution but often a DJ is all that’s needed. Some great music and a bit of dad dancing is cheaper than a band or live entertainment but it can create a great atmosphere and a good vibe with your attendees.

Circus acts
This is something different, there are all sorts of great circus acts out there that are sure to wow your audience. Be careful though, on paper there acts are very simple but in reality, they can require expensive overhead rigging and difficult safety measures. Any good booking agent will be able to direct you as to a suitable act for your event. (Personally, we love the jugglers!)

Street performers
We’ve all seen them, walking through the heart of London only to see a crowd of people huddled around street performers that put a smile on the face of passers-by. A quick google will put you in contact with hundreds of these performers and depending on your theme, most will have something suitable from 1920’s dancers to actors walking around in character. This is something different and with a bit of time can be tailored to make it personal to your event.

Everyone likes a little boogie from time to time but everyone enjoys watching the pro’s putting them to shame! Our favourite is the glow in the dark / LED performers that dance in the dark but wear costumes that light up as they move. It’s mesmerising.

A room full of builders won’t want a dance floor but enjoy a good chuckle, comedians are a great way to raise an audience’s spirits and will normally double as your awards presenter if you get the right person. Just remember, the more famous the comedian, the more money you spend!

Casino Tables
Blackjack and roulette tables are a tried and tested method of entertainment at events. Everyone likes a gamble, especially when they can do it with fake money! Be careful though, these tables can take up a lot of space in the venue and if placed in a different room, will move guests away from your event space!

Photo booth
I don’t think this one needs any explanation. Photos last forever and this is the age of the selfie. It’s a simple thing to do, that will leave guests with photo proof of how much they enjoyed the event. It’s always a bit of fun to have a few funny props available too!

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