In the first of our vlogs to feature YouTube tips, Jim explains how easy it is to let people engage with you on YouTube without risking feeding the trolls.


*Video Transcript*

If you’re worried about what people might say about your brand in the comments under your YouTube videos the easiest thing to do is just to turn off the comments, right? Well I’m going to tell you why that’s probably the worst idea.

Hi there, I’m Jim from Green Spark. I hate to break it to you but sometimes people are mean on the internet. That means sometimes people might say negative things about your brand. Even if your brand is amazing.

Some companies go so far as to turn off the comments underneath their YouTube videos. Turning off your comments just means that people think you don’t care. It comes, I think, from a fundamental misunderstanding of what YouTube is.

It’s not just a place to upload videos. It’s a social network that gives you the chance to engage with people. It gives people the opportunity to talk to you and tell you what they think of your brand. And tell other people what they think of your brand.

A lot of these comments are going to be very positive. Some people are going to have questions that you can answer. And you can do great customer service through the YouTube comments.

If you’re really worried that people are going to say negative things you can tick a box when you’re uploading a video that will let you approve all of the comments that come through. This means if people are just being mean you don’t have to publish their comments but it does let people say positive things about you.

It lets all of the people who have constructive things to say, good or bad, or just generally talking about your video or your brand to get through and have that wider conversation.

And if people do say negative things about you that are constructive, don’t whitewash it. Take the opportunity to speak to them and see if you can perform good customer service right there in the YouTube comments

Thanks very much for watching. I’ll see you next time

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