When you upload a video to YouTube, do you make it public, private or unlisted, if you don’t know the difference find out below. 

*Video transcript*

Hi I’m Jim from green spark.

When you upload a video to YouTube there are a few different options about how visible you want to make your video.

The first one which is always the default option, is public. As the name suggests this is the most visible of the options and it basically means that anyone can see your video. If you put a description, title and tags then people can find your video in the search results. They can watch it, they can put it on social media, they can embed it on their website, and everyone can see the video. It also send a message to your subscribers that your video is now online and they can watch it.

If you choose the next option down, unlisted. Its not that much different in terms of visibility, everyone can still see it and it can still be embedded on websites and shared over social media and emailed between people, but it won’t show up in any search results. The only people who are going to see that video are people who have got a link to it or are watching it on an embedded site.

The final option is private, now private videos can only be seen by the people that you specify. You have to actually type in the YouTube user accounts of the people who you want to be able to see the video. Private is a great option if you want to send your video around to a small group of people who you want to be able to see it and no one else. It wont show up in any search results and it wont be visible if those people pass it on to anyone else.

You can actually change the visibility of your video after it’s been uploaded and that means sometimes it’s a good idea to start it off unlisted or private while your adding a title, description, tags and maybe uploading a customized thumbnail. When it’s ready for YouTube then you can make it public and the notifications will go out to your subscribers and everyone will be able to see your video as you intended to be.

Thanks very much for watching i’ll see you again next time.

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