I mean you are important and very lovely, and I am great as well, but that isn’t what I meant. The U and I that I was referring to is; UI or user interface.

Companies like apple (and there are many more other equally reputable companies – it’s just that I particularly like apple products, it’s a weakness I have…sorry) have spent millions of hours and £/$ developing fantastic UI’s which have changed the way we all think and interact with the world around us. Pinch/three finger swipe/slide to unlock… whoever heard of them a few years back?

Ever been to a web site, used a piece of consumer electronics or software that just makes you want to, at best walk away in disgust or, at worst, throw it out of the window and pummel it with the closest blunt object?

At an event or conference, what is the UI? Is it the screen and slides, the stage set, the PA, or the presenter on stage? I suggest to you that it is actually all of these. The importance of each one of these will change, depending on exactly what or where your event is, but it only takes one of these elements to be wrong and the user interface, the user’s experience, will break down. Given the amount of money and time (and time is money) you may have invested in your event it would be just plain silly not to invest in making the user interface the best it can possibly be for your event. The right projector, the right sized screen, well designed set and staging, lighting and media design and a well trained and briefed presenter, supported by professional experienced technicians, can transform your event from an excuse to get out of the office to an un-missable event.

So where do you go for the best user interface? There are many choices out there and I suggest you take time to ask advice and talk to companies. The right choice will be very evident, as they will ask you what your objectives are for the upcoming event, rather than simply listing the equipment they will supply. The very best companies will discuss how your event will fit with the rest of your marketing and how you can leverage as much benefit after the event as during it.

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