Early summer and the number of events celebrating success are on the increase across the country. This is great news for event producers and we all acknowledge the benefits of rewarding excellence within an industry or within one’s own business. But the question that puzzles me is why there seems to be an inexorable increase in the number of awards ceremonies year on year.

A gander through the search engines doesn’t deliver enlightenment, other than some general comment about how to do award ceremonies better. Back in 2013, the Event Manager blog discussed the issue and Jo Moor offered five practical tips for a successful event. The journal ‘Connect Your Meetings’ featured a blog from Ashely Muntan of the Symantec Corporation, who posed the question: “How to revive the boring awards ceremony?” Which of course pre-supposes that they are boring in the first place! There has been focus on making the honoree feel special, and there is even a look at the trends of food within the award ceremony season. I am now intrigued by the footprint criteria against which we measure low carbon food, and indeed what a 3D pudding looks like!

So, can we throw some light on this particular trend? We know that rewarding staff and team members can be an effective way to boost morale and therefore help achieve a corporate vision. Also, as we creep out of this recession, we know that budgets will be released across the range of marketing activity, including events.

But there must be something else happening within organizations, and it would seem that this trend is being driven by a realization that a face-to-face ceremony can achieve so much more than just raising morale on the day. Organizations are recognizing two important values: firstly, an awards event can be used to engage all stakeholders, from clients to suppliers, by not focusing exclusively on those nominated; secondly, an awards ceremony is now being seen as an opportunity for communication after, as well as before, the actual event, thereby extending the period of engagement.

Understanding that by broadening the scope and reach of an awards ceremony, organizations can achieve a better Return on Investment which seems to be the driving factor in place here. With clarity of the objectives, it is up to event producers to bring the event to life and entertain. This is good news for everyone and delivers an awards ceremony firmly into the stakeholder engagement column.

So let’s strive to recognize and motivate, and celebrate the fact that a successful awards event can do far more than just deliver a trophy in a fun manner.

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