Green Spark’s video producer, Jim Cliff, explains why you should connect your Twitter account to your YouTube channel, and shows you how to do it.



Is your YouTube channel connected to your twitter account? If you’re not sure whether it should be, stick around.

Hi I’m Jim from Green Spark. If your YouTube channel isn’t connected to your Twitter account then you’re probably missing out on an opportunity to get more followers and also engage with the following that you’ve got.

I’m going to tell you why you should do it first, and then at the end we’ll talk about how to do it – it’s really easy to do.

The main benefit is that when someone likes one of your videos on YouTube you see your number of likes increase but you can’t see who did it. If that person has their Twitter account connected to their YouTube channel and a lot of people do they might automatically send a tweet about how they liked your video.

Now this is already happening, and at the moment it looks like this if your Twitter account isn’t connected to your YouTube channel. It’s great that people are spreading the word about your video but at the moment you don’t know that’s happening.

However, if your YouTube channel is connected to your Twitter account as well, then the tweet looks like this. Now, because your Twitter handle is mentioned in this tweet, you’ll get a notification to say that someone has liked your video and tweeted about it and then you can engage directly with them to thank them for liking your video to maybe see if they’re local for you and want to have a meeting if their business to business customer for example and basically it gives you an opportunity to connect with someone who is engaged with your brand.

So how do you do it? You need to go to your YouTube account, which you can either type in – when you’re logged in or you can go to your avatar on the top right of the screen and click on it and then select the settings gear underneath it.

Choose ‘Connected accounts’ from the left hand menu and then all you need to do is click ‘Connect’ and then login to your Twitter account or if you’re already logged into Twitter just authorise it and that’s it – you’re connected.

Now at this point you can choose whether you want to send one of those automatic tweets every time you like a video; you can send one when you add a video to a playlist or every time you upload a video.

Now it’s far far better to send a manual tweet every time you upload a video to tell people about it and get them to watch it but if you’re really short on time or personnel then sending an automatic one is better than nothing.

Thanks very much for watching, I hope that was helpful. I’ll see you next time

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