Appco Group UK Convention and Rally

A convention and rally for over 2000 salesperson’s all working within a large group of independent marketing companies with entertainment, motivational speaking and a large number of progressional awards





















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ACC Liverpool
Liverpool, United Kingdom


2016 saw Appco’s biggest convention to date with over 2000 attendees

Great atmosphere and dynamics throughout the day

Great Green Spark and Client team integration

Two great events, in two seperate venues with two Green Spark production teams all within 36 hours

“THANK YOU for making our recent UK Convention a fantastic and enjoyable event. Your professionalism throughout was second to none!”

Sam Douglas

Event Manager, Appco Group UK

Appco Group are a worldwide field marketing company. Partnering with hundreds of direct marketing companies across the UK, Appco Group representatives engage in thousands of face-to-face interactions every day. Appco Group teams create the public face for many organisations across many sectors, carrying out direct sales, door to door customer acquisitions, fundraising opportunities and marketing solutions.

Green Spark have been involved with this event and many others for the Appco Group for over fifteen years.


The phenomenal success of Appco Group is in part, down to a highly motivated and enthusiastic workforce. Maintaining this level of energy long term requires lots of work and one of the highlights in the Appco Group calendar is their European Convention. This high energy event for between 1500 and 3000 attendees, is about eight hours of awards, recognition and motivational speeches, leaving the Appco Group staff and partners fully charged ready for the next twelve months.

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