Maths & Money Animated Video

The Puppy Pounds animated video was created for Ipswich Building Society and used to encourage children & parents to engage with their new Maths & Money app.

“Knowing that Green Spark are experts in engagement and creativity, we asked them for help. Their proposal mixed animation and graphics to create a brilliant fun experience for everyone.”

Michelle Monck

General Manager (Marketing), Ipswich Building Society


An animated video to encourage children & parents to engage with a new app.

Project delivery


Character development

Script writing



Video production




The Puppy Pounds video was designed for use on the Ipswich Building Society stand at the Suffolk Show. It attracted considerable interest from parents and children, achieving its aim. Following the success of the Show, Ipswich Building Society placed the film on their corporate website and also installed screens within every branch to show the video. The Society is delighted with the production and wish to develop the characters in further marketing initiatives.

Ipswich Building Society has over 160 year’s experience in providing mortgages and savings for people in the East of England. As an independent mutual, the Society runs in the best interest of its members, not shareholders, and their values have remained the same over this time.

The Society had created an interactive experience app, ‘My Puppy: Maths & Money’, for primary aged children to engage and teach numeracy and money skills. The aim of the new video was to capture the imagination of parents and children to point them towards the app and encourage them to get involved.

The creative idea for the video was to build on the visuals of the app and, whilst retaining the simplicity of the style, enhance the quality of the animation. Engagement had to work across a wide range of age groups and act to bring the family together.

The creative concept and storyboard was signed off by the Society and the creative team developed the idea by writing the poem and recording the voiceover in-house. The illustrative animation was created by hand, frame by frame, and then edited into the short two minute film.

The project was initially produced as a rolling loop for use on screens on the Society stand, designed by Green Spark as an App lounge.

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